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Good for live sound tech

The so-called "user interface improvement" is just -- only -- the addition of advertising. -------------------- Previous Review: Unlike a lot of these beat timing apps, this one gives the time in mS. This is perfect for setting reverb.


Been using this app for years. I find it an essential tool for my work because I do not have to approximate what tempo I am composing in - I know precisely what tempo to write down. Quick. Simple. Magnificent.


I use this almost every day....very useful. Thanks

Everyday use for me!

Great app, i use it more than any other. Simple and to the point! Great for finding ms to set a delay. If you don't know how to use this, then it isn't for you, that simple!

Pretty goof

Not saying this isn't nifty but I have been living without this just fine. If you have a second hand on your watch, just count how many beats in 5 seconds and multiply by 12. Not exactly rocket science.


The program would be better if it was also a metronome, I mean you can change the tempo but for what reason. If it was a metronome I would love the tapping feature so I could tap along woth a song so while practicing I get the same speed that is being played...

Hey look! Macintosh System 6.0.4 is back!

This is a great program. It has that Macintosh SE/30-ish charm about it, it gets the job done, and it doesn't take a bite out of my pocketbook. I never knew that 1-bit black & white could look so good on my iPod.

Searched for this one

I downloaded this a while ago and loved it. I lost all my apps and came hunting for this one because I use it like a Swiss army knife for all my musical endeavours! Great app, the graphics remind me of win3.0

Ugly but awesome

For all the people out there who can't figure out how to use this app, you press the rather large button in the middle multiple times along with a beat, and it will give you the beats per minute. Is that so difficult? It's not a metronome, it's not anything else, it's simply for the purpose of determining bpm. Now the actual review. Its interface is awful, but it's so simple and runs quickly and without glitches on my iPod touch. The breakdown of 16th notes etc is quite helpful. It's a very useful app.

Don't get it

I have know idea how to work this app. I thought maybe it was a metronome but it doesn't make any sounds.

100% win

Probably the most used app on my iPod. Wouldn't dream of going into a set without it as a backup, and the ability to take bpm counts anywhere means time saved when hearing new songs on the road. Would definitely download again.


Not working??? How does it work ?? Help me out!!!


The best thing since the light bulb!

great for DJs

indispensible DJ tool. I use it to time my own sets and the sets of others. my Allen & Heath mixer has no bpm counter, so this is an excellent addition. and it is FREE.

awsome app

This app is really usefull, despite it's ugliness:D

Band Practice

This is the most handy app at band practice. We use Boss DD-20 delay pedals and this app gives us exactly what we need. BPM conversions to ms! Thanks for such a productive app.


Go into this software and tap it twice makes it go to 999 BPM LOL!

Simple yet effective

I pop in and out of this application in the span of about 15 seconds. Its stripped down software keeps everything delightfully minimal. No long load times. No crash prone options. Just what I need. My bpm and i'm out. Sure I'd like some better graphics but it actually kinda makes me laugh. And its free. Heavy usage from me and the only complaint i have is the graphics. Worth the download. Worth buying with shazamm like options and better graphics.

Awesome Ap.

It works great. Been a DJ for over 10 years and have never found anything like it. Very, very happy with it.


ITS UGLY BUT USEFUL LOL opps had caps on (tosses pc out window(no pun intented) and runs to nearest apple store and buy macbook

Thank you

It helps me at work every day, very accurate too, thank you!

It works

That's why it has 5 stars. But I think it would be cool if you could switch skins or something, and also instead of telling me the incriments in milliseconds I would fond it more helpful to show it in bpm

retro style for the noiz of the beat....

This is a really neat app! I REALLY love the retro Mac II SE look and feel!! So cool! The App works GREAT!

Pretty good

I wouldn't rely on it completely but I've done a few comparisons with other bpm counters on my computer and its usually within a bpm or two and its free so definitely worthy of downloading


Works really well. I just wish the user intrface was a little bit nicer looking. It's like I'm back on my old Mac I had back in the 90s.


I got it to register up to 600bpm. It rules and is the best free app yet for the musically inclined.

Works great

Aside from the ugly interface, this program is very helpful.

Oh **** not again...

Welcome back to windows. Apple-0 Microsoft-1. Admittedly this is the perfect free app for Music Theory. But omg what an interface! Add playback clicks for iPhone AND iPod touch ( w/o earbuds ) and you get perfection in free software design.

Dope APP

Saved me $30. Different skin options would be cool.

Great for Music Production

This app is great for music production. I use this to find the tempo of my song ideas so I can set Reason to the correct tempo to record. Greatly increases the accuracy of quantization. Wish the app had an averaging function, but overall good. Great App!!!

Function over beauty.

This app does what it's designed to do, and can be quite handy for musicians and DJs. Yes, it's ugly......but IF its 'graphic lite' interface keeps it operating without glitches, delays, and lags.....then DON'T CHANGE A THING. I would hate it if the UI was prettied up, but then caused lags and glitches.

piece of @$%

Crashed my ipod touch...don't download it directly from the app store on you iphone/touch. wow...


Great idea, but a little ugly bug.

Good idea

Good idea but please make the ui less ugly


I downloaded this app. and it works great with recording! i just have one question. Dose it have a "click" to it? Dose it make a sound is what I mean? Thanks.

Thank you

When I broke my Treo and went to iPhone a dedicated BPM program was the thing I missed the most. There was a web app for BPM but when on EDGE it was hard to get a count I trusted as it often did not register my taps. I have to take 2 stars off for the horrendous background and icon graphics. Ugh!


So you tap on it and nothing happens. I could have come up with this. And great instructions. My mind reading isn't working today, so neither does this app.

Great app

Does what it is supposed to. Not something that really needs instrutions like some asked. If you make music this app should be self explanatory. GUI is ugly and should take up whole screen with bigger clickable area. My only issues.

Very good application

im a musican and sometimes i need a metronome. So having this aplication is very helpful when you dont have one around.

Useful app

Useful -something logic express doesn't have. I like it


useful and pretty good. i whish it could look a little better tho, kind ugly.

Ugly and hard to use

I never did figure out how to use this app, sadly. Sounds like you have to tap on a tiny "button" that I never did find. This app looks like it came straight out of OS7 and its paradigm is from even futher in the past. Don't waste your time, someone else will write something 100 times as good as this tomorrow that does other stuff, too. The reviews for this app are totally skewed and possibly fake...

The program made no sense to me and no help was provided

I see all these good reviews and I can hardly believe it. First off, it is REALLY ugly. And I don't care about things like that. But it's so ugly that it hurts my eyes to look at it. And then there is no explanation of what one is supposed to do. I tapped a beat and I guess it registered the speed of my taps. Since there was no explanation or information provided, I have no idea what this app was for. I'm glad others like it. But if the programmer can't be bothered to either build an intuitive program or help us along, I can't give his baffling program anything but poor rating.

Perfect tempos

I love it- need it daily as a professional arranger. My only request would be to optionally have the tempos quantized to the traditional metronome markings.


For any musician out there who's been trying to get there songs recorded but doesn't know the correct bpm. This will help immensely. Oh, and it's free!!!

Fantastic. The ugliest most useful tool a musician can have.

This application is only good if you have a significant use for it. I really look forward to sitting in orchestra and having this by my side to notate tempo values in the parts depending on how fast the conductor is taking it - so I can practice at that speed at home. Thing sure is ugly, but for a free and very useful application, I don't care.

you can't tap a "beat" only a steady pulse

If you're a drummer and you want to tap a literal beat and find out the exact BPM, you're out of luck with this app. It keeps changing it's interpretation of the BPM based on the time between each tap. So if you tap a complex beat, it won't give you an accurate BPM because it gets confused by the beats in between the main pulse. So the only way to translate a true beat into BPM is to first distill it into a straight pulse on your own and tap that.

Great for artists!

THis app is good for recording. If you need to find the bpm you whip out your iphone and tap the beat!

Great product!

Tap feature works well, and having delay times at my fingertips is fantastic!

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